Celebrate Illuminating and splashy Diwali with Pragati Rice

10 November, 2020

Rice is the best with the number of nutrients and certainly the most popular staple food all over the globe. It is the most consumed food by people all over the world. It is an overwhelming dietary energy hotspot for around 17 nations in the Pacific and Asia. Rice offers 20% of the globe’s dietary energy supply. The majority of individuals search for the best quality of rice. If you are also amongst them, then you have arrived at the perfect spot. Celebrate this Diwali with Pragati rice by celebrating festive dines with your family members and neighbors with our rice. We work hard and harvest with love to bring you the best quality rice from our farm to your home.

“Our objective is to facilitate you with a healthy lifestyle”

The occasion Diwali, generally known as the celebration of fireworks, golden-lit electric lamps, lights, or ghee-loaded wicked candles light up doors, streets, and entryways to represent the victory of light over obscurity and goodness over malevolence. There are regional contrasts in how the occasion is celebrated, food-wise, and otherwise, and the style and breadth of food exhibit the expanse of how the food culture praises this national occasion. Diwali is a festival where we prepare a lot of sweets and savories and distribute them to our near and dear ones.
So, let’s prepare your favorite Diwali recipes such as rice pudding, chakli, kheer, murukku, rice dhokla, zafrani chawal or sweet zarda rice, seetabhog and various other snacks with our rice that we all relish eating on Diwali.

“Better at service and quality”

Being one of the largest producers of rice, we get every kind of rice like Gobindobhog, Baskati, Miniket, Nshanka and premium quality boiled rice’s, etc. We offer the best quality of rice where our manufacturing unit is furnished with modern hardware and a lot of accentuation is put on workforce quality at the moderate value range. Because of this outburst of the Covid-19 pandemic we abide by strict guidelines and clean practices to offer safety to our workforce and Consumers. As of this Pandemic situation we people prefer to stay home and cook. So, preferring our rice one and all can avail of the best experience in cooking their favorite rice recipes with us.

“All kinds of rice brought for you”

The health benefits of our rice are immeasurable where this rice is a whole grain meaning, it contains a large amount of fiber. This is because the whole grain contains all three components: Bran, Germ, and Endosperm. So, there is no doubt that our rice is rich in nutrients. Most of the people in West Bengal prefer our rice. So, let us make your “DIWALI” more delicious and delightful with our super quality ’’Pragati Rice’’.

Pragati Rice wishes you to have a safe and happy Diwali!!!!!!!

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