Supermarkets have made it so easy for us to collect our groceries nowadays; chances are that we give very little thought to how the grains end up on our plates. Rice goes through a very complicated process in order to be available to us. Experience the journey of Pragati Rice – From Paddy fields to our plates

The process:

  • Preparation: The field in which paddy is grown has to be leveled and surrounded by water dikes. Following that seeds are sown in the land and plowed.
  • Plantation: The seeds are first washed and then planted into the ground by hand or machines keeping enough space between the seeds.
  • Harvest: Three months after the seeds are planted, the paddy has grown and is ready to be picked and harvested. The water is drained out from the paddy fields and the grains are put into racks for drying. Drying removes moisture from the grains and helps it to ripe.
  • Hull and Milling: The rice grains go through a rigorous process through which the outer hulls of the grains are removed. In this process, the grains are banged and smashed which separates the outer hulls from the inner grains.
  • Packaging: After this, the rice is finally left to dry. Following that it is placed into large containers or bags and sent to the local markets or grocery stores.

A lot goes into the production of this simple but ‘not so simple’ rice before it ends up on your plate. The most exciting adventure of this produced rice however, is when it is turned into a delicious dish or meal.