Make Gourmet Meals this Festive Season with The Goodness of Rice

8 October, 2020

Rice acts as a universal solvent to all the home-made curries. Especially at the time of festivals, rice is cooked because a large quantity of food is prepared in less time. Taste and nutrition are served together when rice is plated. It is even preferred by the people who want to keep a healthy diet because rice takes the least time to digest and it has a long-lasting age. Instead, it is considered that more is the age of the rice better is the quality. Rice has many varieties and sub-types like raw, parboiled, or steamed. Each variety has its nutritious value. Even the rice flour is used in making various healthy dishes. Rice is undoubtedly one of the most adjustable ingredients which taste best with everything. Feel the delight in every bite and a taste that you can’t resist. It’s nothing but a spoonful of contentment.

Nutritional and Health benefits of rice:-

Rice is a good source of carbohydrates. Rice digests very fast and after getting digested it forms glucose which gives our body energy.

Rice has the right amount of minerals that support our nervous system. Magnesium content helps to fasten the speed of the DNA reaction in the body which leads to the required muscular spasm.

There are certain fibers that are present in the rice which produces free fatty acid. These fatty acids decrease the risk of heart diseases, cancer, and many other chronic diseases. Rice is considered to be an immunity booster that helps to fight many viruses and bacteria and keeps us healthy and fit.

People consume rice to have healthy food which can provide minimal calories with satisfactory intake.  People should avoid powder polished rice and go for non-stone powdered polished rice as it is good for health. Choose such a brand that can provide you with the experience of richness. The nutritious value justifies, daily intake of rice.

Togetherness in Every Festival with Goodness of Rice: –

It makes every festival day more special. When everyone gets together to celebrate, they crave for delicious foods, and what is better than rice that tastes best with any curry. It is considered to be the richest grain from ancient times. People have sentiments attached to it. People have traditional dishes made from rice which get passed from generation to generation. Even rice flour is used to make a variety of dishes. People get a chance to dine with their loved ones and enjoy their delightful delicacies in the festive season. Enjoy the regional delicacies in the upcoming festive seasons with your family. Make your breakfast, lunch, and dinner dine memorable with delicious foods with our products without worrying about your health.

Why Pragati Rice?

If you want to get the best quality non-polished and non-stone powdered polished rice then go with us. Be a part of a family that doesn’t let you compromise on the quality. Years of experience can be seen in each grain when it is cooked. We built trust that won’t be broken. We provide you a wide range of rice that is harvested with great care in different regions of India. Each and every grain goes under top-class quality checking and then packed with great precession to offer you the premium quality of whole-grain in every packet of rice.

Pitha fairs has been celebrated by generations of rice cultivating farmers of Bengal. Now many people gather to commemorate the occasion from both Bengal and outside the state. Even though Pithas have their variation across the north-eastern region, it is not only restricted to Bengal, Bihar, or Odhisa. With the advent of facilities they are now transported to different parts of the nation, so that people can enjoy the exotic North-eastern treat!!!

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