Why not eat polished rice during the current pandemic?

7 July, 2020

The novel pandemic of CORONA VIRUS or COVID-19 is on the rise. It does not kill you directly but weakens your immune system. Lungs and kidneys are known to be affected most by this virus. What it does is hits your immunity and opens the way for disease. Although the fatality rate is very low, precautions must be taken to improve the immune system. One of the natural ways to improve your immune power is by increasing the intake of unpolished rice.

Rice has been used by people for thousands of years in many diverse cultures. Polished rice is milled to remove the husk, bran, germ, and in the process, many nutrients are also removed which is present in those layers. In many places, people consume rice with it removed, but with the bran left unharmed. This is called unpolished rice.

Polished rice contains a lesser amount of protein, moisture, and other nutrients when compared with milled rice. The layer of rice which is present just below the husk is known as the aleurone layer, it hides the sub aleurone layer. The more rice is polished, the more these layers are lost.

Nutrients lost while milling

Dietary Fiber: Fiber related components are sometimes called antinutrients. They generally bind to calcium and iron in your gut which diseases their absorption. In addition to that, they are also tough antioxidants which are good for health. These are lost after polishing rice.

Vitamins and Minerals: Iron content is richer in polished rice. Contrast to which unpolished has more content of zinc and ash. By a demonstration, it was observed that if rice milled 5% loses 40% of its ash. If 10% milled loses 60% of ash.

Fiber-Associated Components: During digestion, enzymes present in the gut helps in releasing many antioxidants from the bran fiber. One of them is phytic acid which is known to have anti-tumor effects and help in preventing cardiac diseases.

So the absence of all these qualities makes it unfits to be used in daily lives, especially during Covid-19.

Benefits of Unpolished Rice

There are several benefits of unpolished rice, and which is why we should stick to this. The main benefits are-

Decreases Hypertension: Analysis has shown on-polished rice has more insoluble fiber. It has been proven to not only reduce mean blood pressure but also systolic and diastolic pressures.
Cholesterol levels in check: Rice brans are known to reduce cholesterol levels. Tocotrienols and tocopherols are major controllers of key cholesterol enzymes which limits the rate of cholesterol.

Anticancer Effect: Unpolished rice has resistant starch at 30% higher than white rice. They support the growth of many microbes and generate protective compounds like short-chain fatty acids. It helps in reducing toxic absorption and helps in DNA repair. Also, a fiber-rich diet is often correlated with reduced risk of colon cancer.

Antidiabetic Effect Experts have shown that polished rice increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by more than 10 percent per 250 grams of serving. The risk falls significantly if you switch to unpolished rice. Asians are by default at a greater risk of diabetes due to Asia phenotype.

So these are some of the reasons why we should stop using polished rice, especially amid Coronavirus. It reduces our immunity levels and consequently brings us a step closer to get attacked by this deadly virus.

We being a trusted rice processing company, encourage usage of unpolished rice. We have been working in this field of manufacturing and supplying unpolished parboiled rice, for many years as of now. During the outbreak of COVID, we strongly suggest taking unpolished parboiled rice, and to stop consuming polished rice, to stay healthy enough to fight against any health hazard.

We supply healthy quality rice by adhering to safety measures, the first step of which is discouraging the sale of loose rice. We do not entertain so, because loose rice has higher chances of it being surrounded by viruses and other harmful microorganisms. We have various kinds of rice. So, one can consume unpolished rice from us without any risk and disappointment. So say no to the polished rice, as it reduces your immunity power.

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