Revive your Plate with a Variety of Rice from Bengal

23 September, 2020

In India rice is associated with every step of life from the first rice ceremony to the end of life. Even after death for paying respect rice is used and in doing so we need to use different varieties of rice. Due to the essentiality of rice in every big and small ritual, West-Bengal holds the privilege to yield around 150+ rice varieties.

Now my question to you is whether you are a regular consumer of rice or you eat rice occasionally? If you eat rice every day like me, then great, I have good news for you, and if not, then don’t worry, I have more than sufficient reasons to change your views on rice and will find yourself turn into a rice-enthusiastic person. Don’t believe me? Just hold tight and follow up with me to the end of this article and then see the magic.

In India, most of us consume rice as a staple diet irrespective of the process of consumption. We consume various rice products such as pulao, biriyani, idli, dosa, pithe, appam, etc. that are made up of rice. At least once in your life knowingly or maybe unknowingly, you must have tasted the rice that is cultivated in West Bengal. Well, this holds for the people living abroad and consuming rice produced in India, since a great amount of rice from West Bengal is also being exported to other countries. West Bengal is one of the highest cultivators of rice and is mainly known for its variety and rich scent. It is often heard that once Bengal used to cultivate more than 5000 varieties of rice, but sadly all these breeds of rice could not be preserved, and today most of them are lost. However, Bengal farmers managed to save more than 150 different varieties of rice, and today they are cultivating these varieties with great efforts Now let us know the nutritional benefits of rice.

Nutritional Benefits of Rice 

Versatile Quality of Rice:-chiefs because of the versatile nature of rice as it can be served as a main course, side dish, dressing for other dishes, and even served as a sweet-dish.

A power-pack of Nutrition:-Rice is a very health-friendly item. It is fat-less and contains sufficient carbohydrates. A bowl of rice contains enough protein content, and is also a good source of energy, vitamins, minerals, fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, and many such nutrients, depending upon the variety of rice you consume.

A wonder food for losing extra fat:-Rice is also favored by people who are dieting and are looking forward to losing their body weight because a little consumption of rice can give you a feeling of fullness resulting in less calorie intake. It provides more energy output and thus creates a win-win situation.

Now the question arrives, why choose us among the others?

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