Rice Is fattening, It’s A Common Myth We All Know

7 April, 2022

Is rice fattening?

This is the most common concern among all the rice lovers out there. Actually, this is a nice doubt, to make you understand everything that this article talks about.

Does Rice Really Make You Fat?

In a huge part of our society, rice is considered as fattening food. Is it really true? Well! Modern researches and studies tell that rice is one of the richest sources of protein and doesn’t make you fat.

We cannot deny the fact that rice is considered as a dietary staple across many states. Rice is even a good source of energy as it offers various fundamental supplements, including fiber and B vitamins. Being starch-rich nourishment, rice is regularly connected to weight pick up. At the same time, at any rate on account of rice, some exploration demonstrates that it isn’t probably going to influence you to fat. Any sustenance eaten to abundance may cause weight pick up so instead of avoiding the food, it is better to be careful of your serving sizes.

There are many people out there who eat rice regularly and still have a fit, slim body. In the eastern and southern parts of the country, people eat mounds of rice 3 times a day even for breakfast and don’t get fat at all. They are very thin and have hard bodies.

Thus we can say it’s a pure myth that rice makes you fat.

Also, the myth that “rice makes you fat” is more common in the North because people here tend to eat more fried and oily food. They don’t just eat rice in its normal form but after frying it with a lot of oil and clarified butter (Ghee).

The entire glycemic index cannot be applied to everyone as there are other factors too that play an important part. For example, the type of rice and its fibrous content. It is always advisable to go for parboiled rice.

 Rice a Quick Source of Energy

It is believed that rice is comparatively easier to digest and gets converted into energy very quickly. And further, it keeps you active throughout the day.

However, in some cases, rice can also lead you to put on weight, for example, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, there’s a possibility that eating rice may lead to weight gain. So generalizing the fact that rice makes you fat is just not right. Or even if it makes you fat, that’s because of your unhealthy lifestyle. And if you’re practicing a bad lifestyle where you don’t do physical activity at all and keep sitting at a place for hours after earring, then not just rice but everything can make your mat.

Since rice is a high carb food, the human body can digest it easily. So it will get converted to glycogen much faster. Experts consider rice as a superfood when compared to wheat which digests slowly causes bloating, and is full of pesticides.

Lastly, you should also make sure that the rice you’re eating is of good quality and is non-Powder polished. Ensure that you’re buying the right quality rice from a trusted manufacturer and supplier of rice.

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